Mega-Trends are long-term cross-transformational processes influencing all areas of life. They determine the future markets worldwide and cause various distinct changes in all social systems. Already noticeable trends are demographic change, increasing urbanization, a growing health awareness, increasing mobility and flexibility in work and private life, increasing environmental awareness, growing security threats, the shifting of world economy towards Asia and increasing energy shortages. Companies must be prepared for the associated implications, and in particular the associated technological change. The future challenges are not only accompanied by the application of emerging new technologies, but also in their overlapping and melting together. The traditional technology boundaries will disappear and require interdisciplinary cooperation. So important technologies of the future will be nano-, bio-and information technology and the cognitive sciences. Their interaction will lead to intelligent materials. Novel design options at the nano-scale will not only result into product design, but also into designing of human beings. We have to prepare ourselves for a new era of human-machine interactions. Thus robotics will find its way in the private and leisure life.

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