The best way to predict the future is to invent it. (A. Lincoln)


According to Ashby’s law, the variety of the control system should be equal to the variety of the disturbances that occur so that control can be carried out at all. This applies in particular to complex systems. In contrast to many mainstream methods (e.g. design thinking), only the TRIZ method kit enables such a variety in complex environments with complex tasks and therefore also has a significantly higher success rate. Therefore, use our innovation programs to achieve success by system with a method-based process.


Total Technology Development is a holistic approach, especially for the early phase of the entrepreneurial innovation process. It transfers the principles of Total Quality Management and Lean Management to technology and product development. We integrate innovation methods, such as systems engineering, quality function deployment, patent analysis, value analysis and in particular the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) with their effective thinking tools. Total Technology Development uses proved thinking methods to generate ideas and solve problems in a phase-oriented process model:

Based on a fact-based analysis of requirements and functions, we significantly improve decision-making and planning security in the early innovation process phases and align technology and pre-development in a targeted manner. A comprehensive methodical idea generation and conception enables strategic and tactical opportunities for an innovation-oriented corporate strategy, in particular through the associated idea evaluation based on TRIZ criteria and functional cost analysis.

By applying the ideality principle and functional analysis including patent analysis, we anticipate the future development of products and companies. Other results include the logical development of a technology calendar with product concepts, targeted cost reduction, production optimization and technical solution proposals as well as a property rights strategy to open up new opportunities for existing or new business areas.

The implementation of Total Technology Development leads to innovative advantages, competitive advantages up to unrivaled markets, sustainable growth and significant cost savings. Total Technology Development solves the dilemma of the process-based front end in phase-oriented innovation processes according to the stage-gate principle. Use Total Technology Development to develop your unrivaled product.


With our program Patents on Demand , we support the setup of unrivaled markets and help to maintain a pragmatic valuable IP with focus on initial applications in the USA.

We use a methodical process in which we work closely and effectively with your experts. Our proceedings include the analysis and evaluation of the protection situation and quality, the search for relevant patent and technology information, our systematic idea generation approach, evaluation and design of patentable concepts and the US patent application.


Mobilizing Innovation is based on proceedings to integrate many employees into innovation initiatives. We combine cultural impulses with effective practices and sustainable learning of thinking methods of systematic innovation. By mobilizing innovation we bring the entire company to a higher level of innovation.

Mobilizing innovation is a three step process that takes into account all relevant elements of successful real innovation transferred into simple, clear steps, and thus leads to consistent implementation:

The employees are integrated in the early proceedings of innovation processes and stimulated to share their know-how and commitment actively. We provide impetus to a creative culture of innovation. Thus, any employee can be involved and contribute to innovation.