We are your partner for strategy, growth, cost reduction and  products of the future.



To create and align the business strategy we apply the principles of Total Technology Development. With our logical innovation process we develop product concepts, technology calendars and with the help of our program Patents on Demand unrivaled markets. Example: Technology strategy pipeline construction for an international oil company.


To accelerate innovation we mobilize all employees by practical application of innovation methods in an efficient and effective innovation process. We consider simultaneously market pull and technology push.
Example: Innovation initiative for an international chemical company.

Cost Reduction

To achieve effective cost reduction we apply methods for systematic function and cost function analysis. We solve problems of products and production using selected problem solving methods. Example: Significant cost savings of industrial motors for a medium sized company.

Products of the future

To develop concepts for future products plus IP protection we apply function-oriented patent retrieval, methods for anticipating the product evolution, ideality analysis and logical thinking methods.
Examples: Development of automotive components or products of the consumer goods industry.