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Jochheim, Edgar: Methodical Predevelopment for Plastic Shielding Casings of Mobile Phones, 1st edition Aachen published by Verlag Mainz, Scientific Publishing, Aachen 1999 (IKV Reports from Plastic Processing, Vol. 93) ISSN 1437-7039, ISBN 3-89653-433-5 Copyright: Edgar Jochheim 1999

Methodical Predevelopment for Plastic Shielding Casings of Mobile Phones

Doctoral Thesis at RWTH Aachen 1999

Because of the comprehensive mechanical and electromechanical requirements, together with the critical values for electromagnetic interference demanded by the legislators, shielding against electromagnetic interference has become one of the main tasks in the development of mobile phones. By reducing weight and volume, and by cutting down the time and effort spent on logistics, new solutions involving the use of plastic materials for the shielding casing can assist in the development of a product to suit the market. In all this, integrated, cross-functional development methods play an extremely important role. By means of a specific predevelopment and its incorporation into the corporate strategy, the thesis shows hot to create a link in the process between research or basic development on the one hand and the actual development of a series product on the other.
New findings on applications of technical solutions for plastic shielding casings of mobile phones are presented and assessed. This includes solutions for the shielding casing using metallic coating of plastic material surfaces through evaporation, chemical coating, painting, and flame spraying.

Jochheim, Edgar; Herrmann, Christoph: Planning defeats Chaos, published in: Handelsblatt, Thursday, January 15th, 2015, No.10, Düsseldorf

Planning defeats Chaos

Guest Comment Handelsblatt

Innovation must be systematic, say Christoph Herrmann and Edgar Jochheim. The authors are consultants and lecturers at EBS Busines School.

Article as pdf (in German):

Jochheim, Edgar; Wurzer, Alexander: Systematic and Accelerated Innovation, published: ke Fachwissen kompakt für Konstrukteur und Entwickler, 0206 mi Verlag Moderne Industrie, Landsberg a. Lech, 2006

Systematic and Accelerated Innovation

What patents contribute.

The integration of patent information into the innovation process effectively and efficiently accelerates time to market, development speed, minimizes risks, and improves market orientation.
A suited and successfully in practice introduced process is Total Technology Development.

Article as pdf (in German):

Jochheim, Edgar: Total Innovation – A Comprehensive Approach for Innovators and IP-Managers published in: IP-Manager; Publ.: Wurzer, Alexander 1st edition; Carl Heymanns Verlag, 2009, Köln, München, ISBN 978-3-452-27040-5 at Wolters Kluwer

Total Innovation – A comprehensive Approach for Innovators and IP-Managers

Over the past few years, the handling of Intellectual Property (IP) has undergone a series of astonishing developments. Today IP plays an important role. IP management as a profession demands the combination of legal know-how and business management expertise. This book focuses on four key areas within the working field of IP managers and pursues an interdisciplinary approach to their tasks and responsibilities.

The rapid development of IP – from what was traditionally a highly complex legal tool to decision-making factor in the business world – provides a particular challenge for universities and training institutions. In 2006, the University in Strasbourg launched a new Master’s Program on IP Law and Management.

The emergence of a new occupational field is a fascinating process. This edited volume is for all those who are following these developments.

Jochheim, Edgar; Jäger. Gert: Accelerated Innovation through Patent Information published in: IP-Manager Journal for the Knowledge Economy, 02/2009; Verlag av-news GmbH, München, 2009

Accelerated Innovation through Patent Information

In the last years the product life cycles have shortened dramatically worldwide. Along with this continuous development the pressure on industrial companies to develop faster innovative products and services increased. Since 1980 the innovation cycles for technology products have shortened by about 60 percent. The IP Manager article reports about:
– Third parties IP observation
– How to learn from patents
– The basic idea of Total Technology Development
– The innovation goal of ideality
– Systematic use of patent information
– Findings from innovation practice

Article as pdf (in German):

Jochheim, Günther: New Kick-Off under the Winding Tower , 1st edition 1996, self-published, available at JOINCO®

New Kick-Off under the Winding Tower


Günther Jochheim, 1926 – 2012, football legend from Hückelhoven revives in his entertaining book memories of his hometown’s football history and the Rur Wurm region up to the year 1956. Friends of football can look up exciting game reports of the successful years of Hückelhoven’s Borussia with Schalke idol Ernst Kuzorra as a coach and as well numerous historical information about Hückelhoven and its sports clubs. Nearly 100 photos from his personal archive, many interesting stories, standings and commentaries on individual games make this documentary a valuable chronicle for all sports fans in the football district middle rhine.