We make innovation real, logical, measurable, repeatable, reliable and predictable.

Only a proper mindset enables the successful use of skills and the application of knowledge. Therefore, we focus on Aristotelian logic and combine our methodology with the rules of thinking, according to Descartes:


Accept only information you know to be true by detailed investigation. Avoid all prejudices, and be free from experience and knowledge.
Break down truths and problems into smaller units until the problem can be solved. Describe problems precisely. Analyze systems, functions and contradictions. Look for analogies.
Solve the simple problems first. Move methodically from the general system to details, from ideality to the present. Use the rules of technological evolution.
Watch out for completeness and detail. Make complete lists of all problems. Document your proceedings.




In addition, our understanding of innovation is based on a praxeological way of thinking according to Ludwig von Mises and in particular on the principles of the theory of inventive problem solving TRIZ according to Genrich Altshuller.

Our resulting consulting approach, which is based on functional thinking, enables us to work independently of any industry. This experience gives us cross functional expertise and valuable inputs for our customers. Our customers use our extensive expertise in innovation generation and problem solving with TRIZ as well as with methods and processes from QFD, FMEA, value analysis, system and engineering theory, which we have been able to successfully demonstrate in over 200 projects. We attach particular importance to direct practical application and minimize any theorizing and bureaucratic procedures as far as possible.

We work for multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies and support start-up initiatives. In close cooperation with our customers, we pursue the direct implementation of solutions by mobilizing the most important stakeholders.


Learn more about our methodology on our YouTube channel INNOLOGICS TV. Here you will find all information on the topic of systematic innovation, patent management and as well interesting interviews.