JOINCO® stands for real systematic innovation and effective idea generation and problem solving. Our focus is on the practical application of innovation methods and thinking tools. We achieve measurable growth, solve problems and realize significant cost savings. Our functional and logical thinking-based approach to consulting allows us to be industry independent. This experience gives us cross functional expertise and valuable inputs for our customers. We attach particular emphasis to the direct practical application of innovation methods and minimise as far as possible any theorising and bureaucratic procedures.We work for multinational corporations, SMEs and support as well start-up initiatives. In a joined cooperation with our clients we pursue the direct implementation of solutions by mobilizing the most important stakeholders.

Our methodology is based on comprehensive research on proceedings in construction theory, praxeology, physics, inventive problem solving TRIZ, development and system theory, and modern innovation management. We consider as well latest research in cognitive, brain and social science in our approaches. Our partnership with INNOLOGICS e.V. helps us to staff projects with suitable experts for specific tasks. Our innovative and lean network organization enables our customers efficient access to top know-how. INNOLOGICS promotes the further development of Systematic Innovation, focusing in particular on new approaches to TRIZ, integrated idea- and patent management, technology matching, technology due diligence and technology marketing. Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim is moderator and expert of the INNOLOGICS® Innovation Forum and as well moderator of INNOLOGICS TV.

Typical JOINCO® topics include practical implementation of Systematic Innovation, effective problem solving in corporations, growth initiatives through innovation, cost-reduction due to external innovation threads, strategy development and anticipation of the products of the future, employee mobilization and cultural change for innovation, modern innovation management, all topics related to inventions and patents as well as the generation of breakthrough innovations. JOINCO® promotes new, fresh and logical thinking and thus provide real perspectives and impulses for corporate development. Our customers use our extensive experience in innovation generation and problem solving using TRIZ, QFD, FMEA, value analysis, systems theory and other management methods what we successfully demonstrated in over 200 projects.

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim is founder (in 2004) and CEO of JOINCO® Innovation Consulting. Already during his studies in mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen he was concerned with methodological approaches for development and construction. After completing his degree in engineering, he applied methodical engineering approaches for the predevelopment of mobile phones at Siemens AG, especially in the field of housing technologies and shielding concepts. In 1999 he received his doctorate degree in engineering at the RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Plastics Processing, on the subject of methodological predevelopment. While working for the group of Otto Wolff von Amerongen beginning from 2000, Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim developed the approach of Total Technology Development, based on the experience of the use of TRIZ in industry projects. Until 2004 he was in charge of the innovation management consulting division of Agamus Consult GmbH, Starnberg, and founded the innovation and idea management software start-up egip Software AG.

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Jochheim is president of INNOLOGICS e.V., lecturer in Innovation Management at the Centre d’Études Internationales de la Propriete Industrielle (CEIPI) of Robert Schuman University Strasbourg, lecturer at EBS Business School Oestrich-Winkel, member of Munich Innovation Working Group of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, columnist for the magazines “Design and Engineering” and “IP Manager”, partner of the Application Centre Oberpfaffenhofen. associate partner of Pulsar Consulting Group Munich, and as well as co-founder and member of INPIPECO e.V., an association for the promotion of innovation in pipeline construction.

In particular Dr. Jochheim is engaged at the German Institute for Inventions e.V., where he is the board member responsible for the “Diesel Medal for the Best Future Idea“.

We support the direct implementation and validation of innovative ideas with our partner venyard GmbH. venyard offers effective and efficient protection of intellectual property, supports the marketing of innovation and intellectual property rights and accompanies innovation ventures.