Are inventors as well entrepreneurs?

Newly established, small businesses, e.g. founded as spin-offs from universities or academic institutions are important engines of progress. Here committed inventors often enter with their ideas promising niches. It not unusual that large corporations take over later such successful start-ups and use them for their own innovation goals. According to the Federal Association of German Capital Corporations currently significantly fewer applications for start-ups are registered. Partly this is due to a cautious behavior in times of financial crisis and due to a strong fear of failure, especially after the experience of the dot-com bubble burst. Many potential new entrepreneurs find it difficult to obtain risk capital for their ideas. But this is not just because of the reticence of investors. The practice shows that Germany still is a country of inventors with good ideas, but these have often simply wrong ideas about a possible entrepreneurial implementation. Lack of business knowledge, coupled with an incorrect assessment of the value of their own invention, and often a reluctance to search for partnerships are characteristic features. So many good ideas disappear into drawers or pouty inventors.

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