Ways to Systematic Innovation – Right Thinking

Problem solving is one of the daily tasks of every human being. Enterprises solve the problems of their customers and their own in the areas of development, production or sales. Successful entrepreneurs are in general good problem solvers. The best use methodical problem solving proceedings, though often unconsciously controlled. “We have no problems, but challenges.” An interesting statement that some managers in different companies repeat over and over again – sometimes with a smile or with the deepest conviction, often returned recently from a management course. The expression problem sounds too negative. It is a unwanted condition in the here and now. Nobody wants it. The expression challenge sounds much better. It implies that with effort and work future tasks can be completed hopefully sucessful. The word problem is even sometimes officially forbidden in order not to endanger the good mood. But if you talk to managers a little bit longer, bit by bit the change the choice of words. Suddenly this evil word problem appears more often…

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